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Global law and transnational Legal studies - Why study with us

This Course entirely taught in English aims to train students to be able to complete different professional tasks in the international context. The fields of expertise can go from business work in the legal divisions of large multinational organizations to an institutional career. Moreover, the Course foresees for careers in the world on NGOs and the third sector.

Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies degree is innovative and is constituted by a large part of comparative law studies. The discipline of legal comparison will give the students the possibility to deepen the research of different legal models, practices and cultures that outline the scope of global and transnational law.

The Course will provide the students with the necessary tools to operate in a fragmented, complex and innovative legal context.

In the first year the student will obtain a basic knowledge, presented in an innovative global perspective, in all the scientific disciplinary sectors that represent modern legal education.

In the second year, the Course will provide a deeper knowledge of the International (European and global) law through the fundamental tool of comparison. Furthermore, the students will be provided with a precise knowledge of the operation, scope and activities of the main European and International institutions.

Lastly, during the third and last year of the Course, the lectures will focus on the juridical practice and decision-making mechanisms of the European and International jurisdictional bodies. The students will be then brought to dedicate themselves to the deepening of some aspects of the multifaceted and complex global law world, by choosing optional exams. This will also give them the opportunity to choose the research work required to develop the thesis of a three-year degree.

The graduate, will fully be able to work in English: he will have acquired the ability to present the topics of the various courses he took part into and will have the ability to present written reports in a national, European and international dimension.

The graduate will also be able to solve and address legal issues related to practical cases, illustrating legal implications and discussing critical profiles to obtain solutions.

During the course the students will be challenged with presentations, tutorials, seminars, simulations of legal process and traineeships. This will provide them with the necessary skills and methodologies required in the highly professional European and international work environments.

Students will be also incited to join one of the many training abroad opportunities offered by the University and the Department of Law (Erasmus+, traineeship, scholarships abroad).

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