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Admission requirements - Knowledge of access

According to the D.M. 270/04, for admission to the course it is necessary to have a secondary school diploma or equivalent qualification obtained abroad, in addition to the requirements of the educational regulations.

In addition, the student must possess a satisfactory level of general knowledge, good expressive abilities and attitudes to reasoning and argumentation and mastery of the English language with a level of knowledge at least at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Any deficiency of the required skills is ascertained through a self-assessment test, at the beginning of the program, that will focus on the subjects specified in the Didactic Regulations, and supervised by tutoring activities. In the case of non-positive verification, individual tutoring interventions are made available to students, including a path to recover the deficiencies highlighted by the test.

The initial preparation will be verified by the Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements (TARM) | Read more

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