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Administrative procedures for UniTO students

The following are a short description of the services of UniTO, the administrative procedures for your study period and some useful information.

Prospective students that wants to register on the UniTO portal have to follow the procedure here descripted: Portal registration.

Information relating to the enrolment procedure for each academic year. Please consult this section frequently because it is currently being updated.

Enrolment procedure

For information, please visit UniTo Tuition Fees page.

Students must fill in online the study plan each academic year before the deadlines.  

Study plan allows students to choose the teaching activities and sit the relating exams.

This service allows students to evaluate the quality of teaching. The survey is conducted using anonymous questionnaires. Students must evaluate the activities of each semester. Without the evaluation, students can not subscribe for exams.

EduMeter (in Italian)

For technical problems, please contact the Service Desk (in Italian).
For authentication problems, please follow the instructions available on Help and support.

Access Teaching quality assessment: students' opinions

Disabled students can ask for different kinds of services that are at their disposal, like:

  • information on student matriculation and admission test procedures
  • tutorship for specific didactic activities (take notes, study activities)
  • accompanying students to university faciilties
  • support in taking exams, with specific adaptations

Disabled students

The University of Turin has a special service department through which dyslexic students can:

  • request mediation assistance for forthcoming oral or written exams
  • request tutorship for specific didactic activities (take notes, record lessons)
  • obtain information on student matriculation and admission test procedures
  • arrange for one-on-one didactic counselling

Students with Specific Learning Disability

Each year, the University offers its students the opportunity to work part time for its various administrative structures, for a maximum of 200 hours per short-listed student per academic year.

Various selection procedures are open to students wishing to apply for different posts.

For further details on the posts, see the Italian webpage "Collaborazioni a tempo parziale" or contact "Collaborazioni, Borse e Prestiti" office.

Part time collaboration at the University

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