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Other activities

Regolamento “Altre Attività” (Other Activities Regulations - in Italian only)


The Other Activities Commission meets once a month.


According to the Other Activities Regulations, the following activities, carried out after the enrolment in the Degree program, are recognized as "Other Activities" able to assign from 1 to 6 CFU:

  • Official seminars (18/20 h.): 3 CFU
  • Seminars and exercises (held by Professors, Researchers, Research Fellows, PhD students, other members of the Department), from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 20 hours of teaching: from 1 to 3 CFU
  • Activities organized by students with a professor: from 1 to 6 CFU
  • Conferences, study days, research seminars, national or foreign workshops (of at least 6 hours): from 1 to 6 CFU
  • Individual projects agreed upon with a professor of the Department: up to 6 CFU
  • Other training activities, if consistent with the Study plan and proposed prior to their carrying out: from 1 to 6 CFU

Be aware that the request for the recognition of credits as “Other Activities” must be submitted to the Other Activities Commission BEFORE carrying out the activity. This applies both to the activities proposed by the professors and to those proposed by students

Instructions for the recognition of credits as "Other Activities"


Carrying out remote activities does not change the regulations governing the procedures for the recognition of CFUs.

In particular, regarding the attendance certificates it should be noted that:

  • In case of activities organized by the Professors of the Department of Law and approved by the Commission, it is the responsibility of the referring Professor to verify the remote participation of students and to send, at the end of the activity, the list of participants to the Segreteria Didattica
  • In case of other initiatives for which the students have requested the prior recognition of CFUs to the Other Activities Commission, students must independently obtain the certificate of the online participation issued by the organizers of the activity and send the certificate to the Commission (in the absence of a certificate, no credits will be recognized).

For the purposes of awarding CFUs as Other Activities, in accordance with the Regulations approved by the Department Council, the Professor must submit a specific request to the Other Activities Commission at least 30 days before the activity starts, by filling in form 1.

The full procedure for Professors is available here.

It is the responsibility of the Professor in charge of the activity to send the list of students who have obtained the CFUs to the Segreteria Studenti (Students Registry Office).
Students involved in such activities must not submit any request neither to the Segreteria Studenti, nor to the Segreteria Didattica or to the Other Activities Commission.


Pursuant to the Other Activities Regulations (art. 5, co 1), students wishing to apply for the recognition of credits for activities not approved by the Other Activities Commission yet, must submit a specific request by filling in form 3 at least 30 days before starting the activity. The request must clearly specify the duration of the activity, when it will be carried out and its educational objectives.

Only applications submitted prior to carrying out the activity are taken into consideration.  The Commission assesses the existence of the conditions for the recognition of CFUs and gives written notice to applicants and to the Segreteria Didattica.

Once the activity has been carried out, the student must submit the request for the recognition of CFU to the Commission, together with the certificate of attendance, by replying to the approval email sent by the Commission.

These procedures must be respected also for Conferences or Seminars organized by Professors of other Departments of the University.

For the activities already approved by the Commission and published in the Other Activities Board, it is not necessary to submit a prior request.


Art. 3, lett. D, Other Activities Regulations.

The professor and the student agree upon an individual academic project, specifying the title, the type of activities planned, a brief description of the learning objectives and results, the duration of the activity. The individual project can include one or more activities, even of different types, among which:

  • Participation in conferences and other initiatives that do not qualify for the recognition of CFUs; drafting of reviews and bibliographies; written analysis and / or oral discussion of essays and documents; writing essays and reports; voluntary work (up to a maximum of 3 credits)
  • Attendance, in whole or in part, of a course activated within the Department of Law, but not included in the student's Study plan (up to a maximum of 6 credits).

The Professor submits the individual project (form 1) to the Other Activities Commission at least 30 days before the activity starts. The project is considered approved in the absence of communication by the Other Activities Commission in the following 20 days. Activities carried out without the prior approval of the Commission are not taken into consideration.

At the end of the activity, the Professor sends the student's credentials to the Segreteria Studenti (Students Registry Office) for the registration of credits.

Given the nature of the activity, each Professor can decide, without any obligation, whether to activate one or more individual projects upon request by the students. Professors are also given the opportunity to prepare a project to be proposed to students; in this case, with the prior approval by the Other Activities Commission, the individual project proposal will be published on a dedicated web page on the Department's website.


BE AWARE THAT the language exams included in the student’s Study plan do not allow the acquisition of further credits as Other Activities.

The attendance of foreign languages courses during any academic year can be recognized as "Other activities", with the attribution of a maximum number of 6 credits, if students submit a certificate of attendance and a certificate of positive passing of the final exam.

  • 20-hour language course: 3 CFU;
  • 30-hour language course: 5 CFU;
  • language course of 40 hours or longer: 6 CFU.

If the recognition of credits as “Other Activities” is requested for foreign language courses in the same language in which the basic "language exam" credits have already been acquired, only the C1 or C2 level certificates of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages will be taken into consideration. In this case, the student must present the career plan which shows the language of the basic credits (language exam).

For languages ​​different from the one in which basic “language exam” credits have been acquired, credits can be recognized for certificates starting from level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The "other activities" to which CFUs are assigned and that are carried out in a foreign language, do not qualify for the recognition of further credits as additional language skills.

Any cases not mentioned above will be evaluated by the Other Activities Commission.


To participate in the activities listed at the section “Avvisi Altre attività” of the Department website, students do not need to submit a prior request to the Other Activities Commission

The activities listed at the link above can be recognized as “Other Activities”.

BE AWARE THAT the Other Activities Commission is not in charge of:

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