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Final term paper and graduation

After having passed all the tests of the training activities included in the study plan and have acquired at least 174 credits, the student is invited to sit the final exam which consists of a Final Term Paper, i.e. a research project on a subject agreed upon by the tutor and a co-tutor (both selected by the student)

The research project shall be presented in a detailed dissertation on a specific topic, executed with a critical attitude and completed with a bibliography showing the sources consulted by the candidate

The Final Term Paper shall be written in about 35.000-40.000 words (200.000 – 250.000 characters), calculated including notes but excluding bibliography.

The Final Term Paper is evaluated on a 5 points scale.

The candidate shall submit the Final Term Paper title at least three months before the evaluation date.

The text shall be submitted at least one month before the evaluation date.

A Committee appointed by the Course Council and composed of five tenured professors evaluates the Final Term Paper.

The graduating student is required to send a pdf copy of the final term paper by email to all committee members prior to the graduation session.

The commission evaluation is calculated out of 110

The President of the commission declares that the candidate is an official graduate of the university once consulted with the commission.

Frontespizio Tesi (Final term paper title-page)

To submit the Final Term Paper title, students must fill out the Thesis title form prepared by the Department of Law, have their supervisor sign it and keep it with care, as the document must be uploaded during the graduation application process.

From January 2023, the new system for assigning topics for the final term paper will be as follows:

  • each professor provides 20 topics relating to the teaching subject and disciplinary sector to which they belong, from which students may choose by contacting the professor;
  • each topic can only be chosen by one candidate, who can check its availability on the website;
  • only students enrolled in the third year of the course may choose a topic, and it is a prerequisite for candidature to have attended the course to which the topic relates;
  • each professor is free to agree with the student on other topics not included in the list provided for on-line publication.

List of thesis topics for the final term paper

Aspects of the research paper that will be relevant to the determination of a final grade are as follows:

Problem Definition and Methodology

  • Statement of the research problem, the aims of the paper and the significance of the research. Explanation of scope of the study.
  • Use of a research methodology appropriate to the task.
  • A discerning selection of the relevant, current, and seminal law (legislation, cases, main texts, monographies, and journal articles).

Analysis and Argumentation

  • Analysis of the research sources used to address the research problem.
  • Discussion of implications of the analysis and its relationship to the research problem.
  • Use of logical argument.
  • Suggestions for law reform, directions of future research or other avenues to promote resolution of the issues (as appropriate to the specific task).

Structure and Writing

  • Articulation and progression of major components or sections of the project.
  • Maintenance of overall theme or point that gives the project coherence and significance.
  • Clarity, precision, and economy of writing.
  • Accurate use of academic language and writing conventions appropriate for the specific task.

Presentation and Referencing

  • Good overall presentation of paper as appropriate to the task.
  • Appropriate pagination, layout, margins, typographical accuracy, consistent and appropriate citation style, use of headings, etc.
  • Correct attribution of sources through citations.
  • References listed in bibliography.

 Examiners will be guided by the following grading descriptors but are not required to make a positive finding in relation to each individual descriptor in a category before placing a thesis into this category. Higher achievements in some areas may be balanced against lower achievements in other areas.

5 points: the final term paper contributes to knowledge, demonstrates exceptional research skills, exhibits great interpretive subtlety and is exceptionally well written.

4 points: the final term paper provides new insights, demonstrates independence in research, provides original treatment of primary and secondary materials and some interpretive subtlety, and is very well written throughout.

3 points: A final term paper that is solid on most indicators but also has some weaknesses or limitations, e.g., gaps in research; limited insights or intellectual evaluations; flaws in structure, writing or presentation.

2 points: the final term paper presents adequate treatment of the topic but reveals some flaws which exclude it from higher honours categories.

1 point: the final term paper evidences adequate independent research but contains significant flaws such as: methodology or quality of research is only fair; poor treatment of materials; limited analysis; defective structure; distracting errors in written expression or presentation.

0 points: the thesis is not sufficiently well-researched or written to meet the requirements of a final term paper. The quality of research may be inadequate, the basic argumentation unsounded or irrelevant to the thesis topic, and presentation unscholarly or incomprehensible.

The online graduation application form must be submitted between the 1st and 10th of the month preceding the graduation date (for the September session: between 1 and 10 July). If the 10 th day is a Saturday, a Sunday or a Holiday, it’s possible to apply within the first following working day.
Please take note: if students withdraw their graduation, the graduation application must be submitted again for the month in which they re- schedule their graduation.

Once logged onto their MyUniTO profile, undergraduates must fill in the online graduation application form following the session calendar. 

Regarding the thesis title form: to complete the graduation application process, students must upload the Thesis title form prepared by the Department of Law, signed by their supervisor (instead of the one available on the online procedure).

  • See the instructions at this link how to apply (in Italian),
  • Students must upload all the necessary documentation* before the due date
  • Students are invited to pay their graduation fees as soon as the application procedure is open.

Before starting the application process, students are required to check their personal data, residence, address and Identity document, since this information will be used to print the Degree Certificate.

Please pay attention
To successfully complete the process, students must:

  • Print the graduation application receipt in PDF format
  • Register on AlmaLaurea and print the receipt in PDF format
  • Pay the graduation fee

*The documents required must be uploaded within the deadline for
submitting the graduation application – such documents are:

  • Graduation application receipt
  • Thesis title form signed by the supervisor
  • AlmaLaurea receipt

You should submit your thesis via the University’s Online thesis service strictly by the end of the month preceding the graduation date and it is recommended you read the procedure guidelines carefully.

An abstract of the thesis will be published in the public archive of the Online Thesis service.

The file must:

  • Be uploaded in PDF format
  • Not exceed 300 MB
  • Not include, in its name, spaces, accent, special characters

An abstract of maximum 3500 characters, including spaces, and at least 2 key-words will be required to complete the process.
The Thesis online service only allows for changes before the due date.
Uploaded theses CANNOT be replaced or edited afterwards.


  • Students cannot make changes to their file once it has been uploaded;
  • Students can ask the Thesis online services to intervene to make changes to the file, but only before the due date;
  • No edits are allowed after the due date.

Once you have submitted your thesis, you must print the receipt of the upload and send it to the Segreteria Studenti via Service desk by the end of the month preceding the graduation date (subject: "Domanda di laurea").

Should you decide to defer your graduation, you must notify your intent to the Students Registry Office by submitting a ticket through the Help Desk Service Polo CLE with the subject: “Domanda di Laurea”.
It is also necessary to cancel your graduation application from your MyUniTo profile at least 10 days before the graduation session starts.

Calendar (only in Italian)

Once the deadline for submitting the graduation application has passed, a list of those who submitted the form before the due date will be published. Students who are not on this list, should contact the Student Office or their Teaching Desk office.

Just before graduation, information (date, time and place) concerning your particular session will be published.

Lists of candidates and graduation calendar

Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies students will not publicly discuss their Final Term Paper, but starting from the June 2023 session, if they wish, they can participate in the Graduation session and be publicly proclaimed graduates. The date of the Committee's evaluation will be considered as the date of graduation.

The Student Enquiries Office submits the calculation of students’ average to the Examining Board. It is the weighted average of the exams taken, ie the sum between each exam mark and how many credits it is worth, divided by the total of credits.
This calculation does not take honours into consideration.

The average is calculated with this formula:

(mark x credits) + (mark x credits) + (mark x credits)
             sum of credits with mark

For example:

(30 x 9) + (27 x 6) + (23 x 9)    =  26.625

In order to obtain the average out of 110, do the following proportion:

average (out of 30) : 30 = average (out of 110) : 110
of which:        
average out of 110 =  average (out of 30) x 110

from the previous example:

average out of 110 =  26.625x110
average = 97.625


  • The average calculated by the Students Office software can vary when rounding up compared to the student’s calculation;
  • The weighted average is available onlineby logging onto your MyUniTO profile 


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