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Rules and regulation for the TARM test for Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies | A.Y. 2021-2022

Below are the new regulations you must follow to take the TARM test to enrol in the bachelor’s degree program of Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies for the A.Y. 2021-2022.

Students must take the CISIA on-line Test English TOLC-E (excluding the mathematics questions section).

If you are a student with a foreign academic qualification, the online application procedure Apply@Unito is mandatory to enrol at University of Turin.

Please, check the deadlines on UniTO web site.

If you want to take the English TOLC-E test you must follow this procedure:

  • Register on the CISIA website.
  • Register for the English TOLC-E and select the date and centre in which to take the test;
  • Pay the test registration fee, using the methods indicated on the CISIA website (in the section on TOLC Regulations), when you book the English TOLC-E.

Test dates are published on the CISIA website.

Due to the persisting of the epidemiological health emergency linked to COVID-2019, University of Turin has decided to join the new method of administering the English TOLC-E test called TOLC @ HOME (more information on 

After taking the English TOLC-E, you can proceed with enrolment in Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies degree course.

If you get a score of less than 10 points you will still be able to enrol in Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies, but you will have to complete an additional learning obligation (OFA) defined by the course of study. 

You can take the same English TOLC-E multiple times but not more than once a month. If you repeat several times the English TOLC-E, the last test taken will be considered valid (and not the one with the best result obtained).


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